News with Coffee

News doesn’t have to be depressing or boring or scary.  It can be local, inspiring, and motivating, too. TulsaGazette is seeking content contributors to share their finds, relate their stories, join in local groups, promote their businesses, and show off their talents. There are many ways to create your own opportunities. We’d love to hear what you can bring to the coffee table. If interested in learning more, email the editor at tulsagazette.  Stay tuned for new improvements and features being developed daily.  We are actively interested in talking to people who can join our team and contribute to our growth with a ground floor opportunity. Veterans, women, single parents, economically disadvantaged, babyboomers, nonprofits, businesses, marketing directors, and investors are all welcome to contact us. Lets start something new.  (Please note: We prohibit bullying and any other denigrating content on TulsaGazette. All contributors must agree to like terms to join the site when launched!)

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